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The patented American Purebred hybrid holster is unique for a number of reasons, but one of the most loved components is our military-grade hook and loop and breathable neoprene backing pad. It’s the key to the adjustability and the comfort that the American Purebred is known for. The sheer strength of the velcro will literally support the weight of a grown-ass man hanging from it. The staying power and durability are unmatched. But, people do enjoy having more than one! Many people mount the holster pad under a desk or under car dashes. Remember all our American Purebred molds work interchangeably on the holster backing pad. So, you can use the same one for all your weapons or enjoy having several to keep your holster in your favorite draw position.

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Order an extra holster backing pad or a replacement today!

The American Purebred is a signature holster among dedicated concealed-carry enthusiasts. Often touted as the most comfortable holster they have ever owned, the comfortability is directly related to our patented, tried, and tested holster backing pad. Made of soft but tactile neoprene to rest against the body, an insert for flexible shape retention, and a hook and loop surface for holster retention. The American Purebred is built for a customized carry experience that puts you in total control of where your weapon rides on your person.

Each American Purebred holster comes with a backing pad, however, our customers love to buy extras to place permanently in purses, under desks or dashboards, and other nifty places we like to keep a weapon accessible. Some of the most common comments we receive include rave reviews for our backing pad. Concealed Carry lovers, especially those who love IWB carry, enjoy the ease in which they can carry with the American Purebred. The backing pad is the key to statements like, “I barely notice my holster”, or “I can wear this with no belt on my yoga pants”. The reviews speak for themselves. Learn details from the Massaro Holster Works founder, Eddie Massaro in this video!

The convertibility of the American Purebred holster is also key to comfort. Have you ever worn a holster that juts uncomfortably into your stomach. What about discomfort when you sit? Are you adjusting your holster as you move about? That lack of comfort undermines your ability to keep your weapon concealed. After all, if you are fidgeting with something along your beltline, how much more likely is it that your weapon will print at some point. While many of us are comfortable and confident in our concealed carry choices, the whole point of concealment … is actually, concealment. With the American Purebred holster, and its unique pad, your fidgeting and adjustment days are over.


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