American Purebred

S.P.E.E.D. Holster

Add On’s, Replacements & Accessories

American Purebred

S.P.E.E.D. Holster

Add-on’s, Replacements & Accessories

Comfortable, Reliable Concealment

Massaro Holster Works was born of frustration. Founder and Inventor, Eddie Massaro couldn’t find a holster that he enjoyed wearing all day, every day. A mechanical engineer, Eddie dug in, did the research, and handcrafted the first American Purebred in his garage. Today, our flagship IWB holster is a popular pick among concealed-carry enthusiasts! Recently, in cooperation with Dave Spaulding, renowned firearms instructor, Eddie developed the S.P.E.E.D. OWB Concealed Carry Holster. In addition to the American Purebred and the S.P.E.E.D. Holster, Massaro offers a line of add ons and accessories.

Supreme Comfort

Massaro Holsterworks offers hand-crafted, IWB holsters designed for optimum everyday wear.

Amazingly Adjustable

Our holsters are designed to wear them where you want them. Crossdraw, Appendix, Strongside. We’ve got you covered.


Engineered with a proprietary cantor that tucks your weapon against your body means that our holsters rarely ever print.

100% Handcrafted

100% Guaranteed

100% Cool

Our Products

MHW Holsters and Accessories are Made in the USA with the highest standards for both quality and usability. Our patented and award-winning designs have been featured in by the USCCA and numerous trade publications.

Solving Carry Issues with American Ingenuity

Don’t Take it From Us!

We welcome reviews. Remember, Eddie, the company founder, is a problem solver at heart. We think you’ll love all of the Massaro Holsters, but we always love feedback.


Very Comfortable

I got one of the first holsters hot off the press for my Shield. I absolutely love it. Very comfortable, and unnoticeable. You can honestly forget that you are wearing it.

– Todd Little


The S.P.E.E.D. OWB Holster from Massaro Holster Works is second to none. I’ve worn mine for over a year and I love it. Flat on the back = close to the body and no hot-spots. Secure attachment to belt and still easy on/off without removing belt. No excess material = no unnecessary bulk. Adjustable retention and forward/reverse cant. Quality hardware and finishing. And I saved the best for last…
Built-in 12° degree grip frame cant ‘drives’ the grip in closer to the body, minimizing visibility of the most common area that typically prints through clothing with lesser holsters = Brilliant!
Oh yeah, and American Made too. 👊🏻

– Ted I.


What can I say, this is EASILY the most comfortable holster I’ve ever worn. I’m in a wheelchair so trying to find something for me has been a huge issue. Well, I found it.. Holster has great retention and the clips are stout so it’s not going anywhere.. Overall A++++ and I will be a customer for life!!!

– Jason Hobdy

Best Holster on the Market!

I love this holster! The best holster to ever hit the market! I can even wear it with yoga pants and leggings! This is truly a holster that holds up what a woman needs!!!

– Ariol Dunlap

I LOVE this Holster

As someone who has several “great holsters” laying in the gun closet that just aren’t what they were cracked up to be.By simply changing the position of the holster I can carry cross draw at 10 or I can carry it at five at the small of my back or anywhere between. This thing is also very comfortable. There’s no pinching, binding or chafing with it. Give this holster a try. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

– Kent Vanattia

Great for Women!

Brilliant design! Ultra comfortable. Great for women as the design doesn’t require a belt. The backing pad has grip, doesn’t pinch or hurt. Moves with you and has no noticeable print.

– Tess Helmandollar

Supreme Comfort for Everyday Carry